Make Hay While the Sun Shines

In life there are many events, many opportunities to step up, many opportunities to step out.

In life there are many options, do I go right or left do I buy this or that.

In life there are many knock backs. It is in the knock backs that our opportunities and options become distorted when we are at our lowest point we look at an opportunity and call them challenges we look and options and call them ultimatums we start to operate from a position of defeat, looking at everything from a negative stand point.

Can anyone blame us ? Of course not. After all loosing ones hair or a job or even a loved one is no small deal. In my mind however the question is would you have done something different ? 

To that question I have many yes answers. "Had I have known I would have done ..."  but the truth is no one knows. So we cannot live by this basis. We can however turn it around and live in the sunshine make the best and most out of our happy days so that when these knock backs come our way, not only do we have the memories we also have the strategies.

I often think of the future and the what if moments. Doing this helps me to look at my options and my opportunities and make decisions in my happy days which help me keep grounded in the not so happy moments. 

Are you making hay whilst the sun is shining? though we all pray the sun will shine on us forever, our Great British weather is a real reminder that  things can change very suddenly. It is time to prepare ourselves so we are not caught unawares.