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Our London Clinic

Hair Stranding from Invisablend available from our London Clinic. Watch the Video

Hair Stranding by Invisablend from Clara Alexander Clinics on Vimeo.


Our London Hair  Clinic is situated within Zig Zag Hair Salon. Central London.


We offer a variety of  products and services for both hair loss and thinning hair including Hair Stranding by Invisablend, Integrated hair systems and wigs.   Additional hair dressing services are available on site as well as beauty services

Services at the Clara Alexander Clinic London  include

  • Free Consultations
  • Wigs
  • Integrated systems
  • Hair Stranding
  • Wig/System application/re-secure and removal
  • wigs and system reconditioning
  • Wig/system cutting and styling
  • Hair Cutting/restyling
  • Hair Styling


9 Melcome  Street, London  NW1 6AE


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