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Introducing InvisaBlend

We are  so excited to bring to you another amazing exclusive solution to thinning hair.  This technology will shock you and give you the hope that no matter how bad your thinning hair situation is we can help you!!  Non invasive, virtually invisible. The first of its kind in the UK.

About InvisaBlend:

InvisaBlend is a concept from the USA and is the only way to increase the volume or length of your hair without inhibiting the growth of your own hair – it leaves your hair free to grow and your scalp free to breathe! And, thanks to the proprietary Translucent Blending-Strands®, InvisaBlend is also the most undetectable hair enhancement available today. With InvisaBlend, you can run your fingers through your hair and feel nothing other than scalp and hair. InvisaBlend also creates the appearance of actual hair growth. This revolutionary, non-surgical technique is the most undetectable available to date. Each added hair appears to be growing directly out of the scalp.  Once you see this product for yourself, you’ll agree that these are the most undetectable hair enhancements you’ll ever see!

How It Works:

Single human hairs are attached onto hair threads known as Translucent Blending-Strands®. These are fed in-between your existing thinning hairs. You’ll enjoy a fuller look and your own hair will be free to grow.


Kiely Hanson - I’ve had every method on earth and this Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is completely different.  I feel NOTHING at all, and my own hair has grown too.

Berta Honore - The Health of my hair is extremely important to me – this Hair Stranding method leaves my hair alone and allows me to have full access to my entire scalp.

Lilly Burg - I love the fact that my hair can grow FREELY while having additional hair feed in-between my existing hair that create immediate fullness.

Janice Cooper - I can run my fingers directly down to my scalp and feel noting buy hair and scalp.  That’s Purely Natural to me.  Plus I can do anything with my hair, so I never think about my hair anymore. That changed my life.

Candice Janofsky - No method ever was able to fill-in my front hairline but this Hair Stranding method by InvisaBlend achieved the impossible – my hairline was my biggest issue and now I have a purely natural hairline that I can comb off my face, and all while allowing my hair to grow freely too.

Robert Avagano - If you want a flawless hairline, and I mean flawless this InvisaBlend concept really duplicate REAL Hair growth – meaning each individual hair appears to be actually growing directly out of my scalp – that’s purely amazing.

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