Chance Meetings

  Have you ever met someone and known in that instant  its going to be the beginning of a great relationship?

Recently, I can say I had two such chance meetings.  The amazing thing was that all the activities  that occurred before hand occurred in order to make theses meetings possible. We were on our way to church in New York City got stuck in traffic, realised we were not going to get to church on time so decided to look for another church. We got to the location of the 2nd church only to find out it was closed, so again we decided to go to Hill Song and took a taxi to Union Square, We realised we were too early for the church services there and decided to walk to a coffee shop,  as we were walking, chance meeting number 1 occurred. We continued from there walked to the next coffee shop, I didn’t like the ambiance in the first shop so settled for another coffee shop at which point chance meeting number 2 occurred.   If we had not gone through the entire sequence of events, had been 1 minute earlier or later, those chance meetings would not have happened. The saying ” everything works together for the greater good” springs to mind.

Sometimes, in life, things may not seem to be going in the right direction, your normal routine has been compromised sometimes the disruption is minor other times its like a world wind. Ever had those moments when you needed to leave the house and could not find your car keys? Many times we fight these moments, get frustrated and even end up miserable for the entire day. Do we ever stop and think just maybe the universe is working on our behalf to prevent or bring something into being.

Being prepared at all times is therefore key as you never know when you are going to meet the person who can take your business from A to B or, someone that is going to be a great shoulder to cry on or indeed your future husband.  God can set up the stage, but then once your on it, the actions are left to you.  Do you walk with your business card? do you look your best every day? Do you have the courage to take the step and say something?

Never ask for something and not be prepared to receive it.  Whenever you ask God for something, believe your request has been granted and everyday be prepared to receive it. In the same way, you will never order a couch for your home and not make space for it?

My best fried met her husband on a chance meeting. She had spent months praying for the man of her dreams to walk into her life. One day whilst on holiday, she got invited to a party which she was adamant she would not attend, furthermore she was due to travel back to the UK  the following morning.  At the last minute she changed her mind and went to the party, it was there she met her husband. In her mind, she was not ready to entertain the fact that he could be the one because she was leaving for the UK the following day, however,  the following day she  broke her leg (ie she could not travel ) and end up married 3 months later. She now lives in Sweden and has been blessed with two children.

In all of this, I am learning that chance meetings don’t happen by chance, they have been orchestrated and are well planned, we are merely kept in the dark. Its like when setting up a surprise party, its imperative that the person you are surprising is kept in the dark. You are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the person to the party in order to execute the surprise.  What if you did all that and the person did not show up?  Grab every opportunity you get, especially when it doesn’t make perfect sense as it may well be the perfect gift.

Have a great week and remember to style for the life you love.

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