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Providing innovative Hair Volumising  Solutions that maintain, boost and build confidence

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Why Us

Clara Alexander UK is geared to creating Products that boosts confidence and empowers.

Our Hair Volumising Products are geared towards everyday men and women seeking solutions that help encourage their lifestyles and goal achievements,

Meet Clara Alexander

Clara Alexander

Clara Alexander started her career in the corporate world whilst comfortable in the role she had, Clara had a longing to help others.

"There are far too many people in the world we live who have had their confidence snatched from them through various means. Far too many people who don't walk their worth because of hair loss or thinning hair. Far too many people who are suffering in silence." 

With a strong desire to help, Clara left her position and started designing hair extensions, hair systems  and creating wigs. During this period she trained many salon owners and individuals on creating realistic looking wigs and started to build a client portfolio for herself. In 2013, Clara's mum Cecilia was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this period Cecila lost all her her from the chemotherapy.

"Creating a wig for my mother was the moment I knew I had truly found my calling"

Clara has since provided systems to celebrities, featured in numerous magazines show cased at London Fashion week for the products she has created.  She constantly seeks ways to bring better hair systems which not only deliver on results but also preserve your hair.

With over 20 years experience in the industry as a consultant, educator and designer. Clara brings her wealth of international knowledge into all aspects of the business.

As sides from her daily role of Strategic Management  & Product Development  , Clara Alexander Clinics have been set up as an opportunity for Clara to  personally consult with  individuals on a one to one basis

"I learn so much  from all my clients, They are the true designers as they instantly know what works and what we can improve on"

"Believe you can and the rest will follow"

Speak With Clara

A consultations is the best way to learn about your options available to you.  for just £40, get expert knowledge on the best options available to you. Book into any of our clinics and meet with Clara